Friday, May 25, 2012

Super Affiliate Rock Star $50k Client Review

Super Affiliate Rock Star Review

Super Affiliate Rock Star Coaching Client Success Part 1

How Kevin Stalked me to coach him

First I started to get emails. Then my friends started forwarding
me emails from him. Then the phone calls. Finally I talk to the
guy. "What do you want?"

"I want you to coach me."Sorry buddy; not interested. I was very happy sitting behind my
computer making 5 figures per day, not dealing with clients.
"But I want to learn this business, and I want to learn from the
best. I only make $40k a year right now; I want to make $40k per
month. I'm not taking no for an answer."
Ok. This guy is nuts. He's a newbie, and he wants to make his
yearly salary monthly. Besides, my coaching program is designed for
intermediate to advanced online marketers. Newbies are A LOT more
So I tell him even if I thought about coaching him, it would be
$25k ($50k now). That should get rid of him.
"I can do that, but I need to break it up into 2 payments." I
admire his persistence so I agree to do it, and he wires me $13k.
We get to work.
I honestly expected him to renege on the second payment, but the
other $13k came like clockwork.
Fast forward 1 year. Kevin's coaching is done, but we're still
working together on a couple campaigns. He's making money, and he's
realizing his goal of quitting his job.

When we announce the $80k High Rollers coaching in Vegas, he told me he had to be there.
But, like last time he didn't have the entire payment at one time,
but we made payment arrangements. He honored those arrangements.
Fast forward another year, and Kevin is now making over $90k/week.
His best day was $23k.
Moral of the story? Several:
1) Persistence and hard work pays
2) Things never happen as quickly as we want.
3) With newbies there is a steep learning curve - thinking you'll
can go from 0 experience to internet riches in 3 months.

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Greg Davis

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  1. Wow, what a story of being a persistent guy :-) Congrats on your making now bro!

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